Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Play A Game!!! Don't Look At Comments Until You Play

When I spent a week in my hospital room (sounds dramatic, doesn't it?) I passed some time with a book of manipulated scenes. I knew then that I would reconstruct such a game on my blog. Above is the original photo. Below is the manipulated one. I made nine changes to the image below. That's right, 9 changes!! Can you find them all???? I recommend my fellow photographers in the 365 day challenge to do a similar posting because it is yet another day's posting and it's fun!! 9 changes!!! If you comment, let me know how many you found.


Joel MacKenzie said...

Fun! I love these. Here's what I found:

1. The bike is turned around
2. Stack of papers moved from under the pillar candle to under the around thing (salt shaker?)
3. One of the curtains is closed
4. The large and medium pillar candles on the table are switched
5. The candles on the shelf are switched
6. One of the chairs is missing
7. The lamp on the shelf is different
8. The blind on the left-most window is closed
9. Some of the pictures on the shelf are moved? Not sure if this is one or if it's just the reflections from the window that's making the difference.

How'd I do?

trishalyn said...

Very fun post! Congrats to Joel on finding all of them! I found 4, but didn't have a lot of time to study them. This was lots of fun, Steve, and a super idea! Can I use it for my next assignment?

lindsey said...

nice job and very creative. keep up the great work.

J.L.Velez said...

I got drape, bike, candles on table, lamp, candles on bookshelf, papers on table and chairs...that's all I could find!

Linda said...

What a great idea. Here's what I found:
1. papers moved from under do-dad to under candle
2. The floor lamp is different
3. One chair was removed
4. The bike orientation is different
5. Curtain was moved to cover a window
6. Blind on far left window lowered in second image
7. Position of the candles on the table is changed
8. Position of candles on bookcase is changed
9. The photo in the cream matte is clear in second image, but not in first
10. The black file box on the first shelf of the far bookcase is missing in the second image.

the ninth sunn said...

Great fun! What's more So cool idea. Congrats!

Bridget said...

found 6 of them but it takes me so long to type we'll leave it at that.
fun idea.