Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hospital Stay

My adventure was to have tests in hopes of learning more about my epilepsy. I stayed in Albany Med from Monday thru Friday with limited success. Monday's photo, as posted, showed me waking early to head to the hospital. The photos in the collage were taken Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. My previous photo for today (Freedom) might make more sense to you considering I was confined to one room for a week. Seeing the man stretched out on the bench was the perfect symbol to how I was feeling today. With wires and a 24 hour camera surveillance of myself, I was unable to leave the hospital room. The views of Albany were from my window. My chess games, using my laptop, passed some time. My teddy bear, a soothing gift from visitors...and then ugly me, wrapped as if I had had a head injury (no comments). The rainbow was also fitting as I would have loved to have had the freedom to follow it to its end. I really like the photo of my photography magazine with the blinds showing on the pages. So, I'm back...and ready to continue this photo challenge!
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Bridget said...

welcome back!
love the chess image.
must have been a trying week.
missed you:)

lindsey said...

Nice job.
I love the teddy bear pic so cute.
Can't wait to see what you come up with next with your new found freedom.

J.L.Velez said...

I really like the blinds photo with the magazine and the chessboard, is that you sitting in the background? Very abstract and cool. That one of you with the stuff on your head is a bit freaky...looks like the beginning of a horror story to me. I hope "limited success" means that something can be done for you!

trishalyn said...

Steve, you are truly an inspiration to all of us with your beautiful, creative images all taken from the confines- of all things - a hospital room!!! You had a lovely view from your window. By any chance, did you Photoshop that rainbow, or were you really that lucky? My favorites are the photography book with the shadows on the blinds, the chessboard/reflection, and the self-portrait! I really like the filter you used in that one, and how you have one side of your face in the shadow. Really terrific job for never leaving your room! As I said, you are truly an inspiration!!!!! I hope the "limited success" you mentioned will provide some measure of help and lead to bigger and better things!

Linda said...

I was sorry to hear that your "trip" was to the hospital (instead of someplace exotic and fun), but I'm with the others in hoping that "limited success" means that something can be done in some way.

I love the collage--how creative, especially under such duress. Maybe the photography helped maintain some semblance of sanity???

philmary said...

Hospitals stays can be gruesome but you must have accomplished alot in that hermetic enviornment just by the nature of enforced solitude..The self portrait is intense to say the least ..Dr Strangelove I presume?