Thursday, July 2, 2009

For Trish

Trish, the secretary (for life) of the photo group to which I belong, gave members a Thursday, mini-assignment. Remember that I take and post a photo each day, for 365 continuous days. Anyway, I'm not one to post photos of myself; however, I thought about the assignment and that my favorite vacation, hair-related non-activity is to skip shaving. So here is my interpretation. After I stuck my head through my fabric light box, I then used a variety of methods to make myself a little more mysterious or frightening as it turns out!


J.L.Velez said...

Did you use any other filters? Enlarged, this looks even more mysterious. Nice job with the assignment, and the creation of a creepy photo. This could be the face of a serial murderer just before he goes on the hunt. Not that I'm starting rumors or anything!

trishalyn said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! Clever interpretation of an insipid assignment. You have a Mona Lisa smile...are you mocking my assignment?! I cracked up when I saw your photo, as I ALMOST titled my image "It's time for a shave!" :-)
Great job, Steve, and thank you for completing an assignment you didn't like. You get an A+!

Bridget said...

clever interpretation of the assignment!
i keep looking for the number on your chest:)

Anonymous said...

criminal looking...indeed!

nice job!

lindsey said...

great job. They all are right it has a mysterious feel to it.

Linda said...

Very creative way to satisfy the assignment.