Sunday, November 4, 2012

Calm Before The Storm

This week's assignment was 'storm'.  As I was hoping the Storm of the Century, as it has become to be known, did not affect our area to a great extent.  This was the day of the storm.  Coming home from school early, out of precaution, the sun poked through often in Amsterdam.  As I was preparing for the winds, I snapped this photo out of my garage window.  I wasn't thinking of using this photo for anything but I decided it is an interpretation of the word 'storm'.....loosely interpreted?  You have to give me credit for the one leaf which blew up onto the window as I snapped the photo!  Not exactly a scary scene.


trishalyn said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! Are you sure you didn't "photoshop" that leaf? :-) I really love this image!

Linda said...

I like the image too. Shooting through a window is one of my favorite techniques, and making it bw definitely enhances it. And the leaf....such great serendipity.