Sunday, October 28, 2012

Assignment= Collection

Women like shoes, Men like hats!


Marty said...

Had to peek when I saw the subject for this week...Love the swirl picture! And you're right about men & hats!!

trishalyn said...

Yes...the swirl image is really cool...looks like you collect snakes...LOL!

Love your caps, but I don't see a WM one hanging up! :-) I keep going back to the first image...I love the simplicity and the bright, bold colors. Nice job!

Linda said...

Great images, and I, too, was drawn to the swirl. It's so clean looking and so colorful. My next fav is the first one. Nice composition and filter.

trishalyn said...

I couldn't resist leaving another comment to see if you really removed that verification thing! LOL!

trishalyn said... worked!!! Thank you...and Happy Halloween!!! :-)