Monday, November 12, 2012

Assignment 'Stranger'

I'm not sure if these photos work for this week's assignment; however, this gentleman is a stranger to me.  I don't know him.  The only information I have is what you are reading on his stone.  Likewise, the man represented below is unknown to me.  Though I don't know them individually what they did for our country is well known!  I appreciate our veterans and I marvel at their bravery and dedication to our country.

The image below was an experiment of mine that didn't really 'take off'.  I wanted to take photos of street life/city life.  I went out early, with my camera, in hopes of finding people at bus stops, walking the streets, going to church, walking in a park, etc.  My plan was hampered by the fact that people were not out and about! at all!  I like the image below because it is exactly what I wanted.  I wanted an 'old feel' and I wanted blurry photos.  I like photos of street life where the subjects are blurred and where the color of the photo is 'off'.  I hope to get back to this style of photography soon.


Linda said...

Nice! Your interpretation of "strangers" was creative as well as a wonderful tribute to our service men/women.

And the last image--very interesting. I like the blurred people and the sharp background. Your comment reminds me of the time we went to Saratoga to do street photography, expecting crowds & crowds of people, and finding only a few walking around. But you made lemonade out of lemons, so good for you.

trishalyn said...

You really thought outside the box with those first two images. It was perfect timing, too, and a wonderful tribute to veterans! Great job!!!

Image #3 does have an "old feel" to it. How did you accomplish that? I hope you share your techniques with us at tomorrow night's meeting.

Can't wait to check my email for our next Scavenger Hunt list! :-)