Sunday, November 18, 2012

Assignment 'Stripes'

I was stumped with this assignment until a friend suggested that I photograph a flag.  Duh!  I'm a history teacher but didn't think of that subject on my own!  Sometimes the obvious alludes me.  The photo above is with double exposure and with a please click for better viewing.  The image below was taken by my friend Nicole.  I'll only take credit for the filter.  The larger than life flag was hanging over a Scotia street.  I like the rainy day and the oil filter that I added.  Again, please click for better viewing.


trishalyn said...

These are wonderful, Steve! I LOVE the double exposure and colorful composition of image's very striking! Image #2 is cool (is it still cool to say cool?). I think you should invite Nicole to join our group! :-)

Your images are always so creative. Great job!

Linda said...

I can't add much more to what Trish said. The filters are great and the double exposure is stunning.

I saw a flag hanging just like the one in your second image, only it was in Cobleskill. I took some pics of it, but none of them were that dynamic.