Friday, August 26, 2011


An old factory that I visited contained a variety of windows.  Each window had a character of its own, performing unique functions, casting different shadows and in a surprising nature (photo 1) creating a rainbow of different colors.  In the first photo, I turned the overall scene into black and white, however, the colors on the floor are as they were.  Photo 2 has no manipulation beyond cropping and photo 3 has a 'tin' filter added to it.


Linda said...

Very nice. I think my favorite is the middle image, although I like them all. I love the lighting and the brown-tone to the middle one, as well as the composition.

trishalyn said...

These are great, Steve! Each image has its own appealing characteristics...I love them all!

Where is this factory...and how did you gain access? Another breaking-and-entering on your record? :-)

P.S. "Windows" would make an excellent assignment!

Bridget said...

great window shots!
the first is my favorite!
the triple window shot with the bit of colored lighting on the floor make for a very dramatic image.

Anonymous said...

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