Thursday, July 1, 2010


Fortunately I am able to be home during the summer months. After a school year of ups and downs, crazy schedules and crazy teens, there is such peace that I feel during the summer. I get restless and I do miss my job; however, it is wonderful to take walks, sleep an hour later or take a nap for no reason. This image reflects how I was feeling when I photographed the peace.


trishalyn said...

This is AWESOME...I LOVE IT!!!

Beautiful composition with lovely colors! I assume you applied a filter? It's cool...and fits nicely with your subject.

I'm glad you are enjoying your photography shows in your work. Enjoy your time off...I'm looking forward seeing many more masterpieces from you this summer! (No pressure or anything...ha...ha!!!)

Bridget said...

steve is back :)
i wish you a very peaceful summer.

Linda said...

Nice composition and beautiful background. Another cemetery?

I hope the rest of your summer is as peaceful and restful for you as it has been so far.

Maybe we need a summertime challenge?