Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bit of Nature

The above photo was taken around 4pm and the bottom image around 7pm. This is proof that light does change the appearance of the same subject. This frog is alive (for those prop users). Though he traveled in the three hours, I found him hanging out around my garden. I added texture to the photo above (best seen enlarged). I don't get to shoot nature/animals often so this was a treat!


trishalyn said...

You know the old saying:
"Fool me once
Shame on you
Fool me twice
Shame on me."

Since I've been fooled by you MANY times, I don't know if I should believe that this frog is indeed alive. :-)

At any rate, these are VERY cool, close-up images! And those are some bugged out eyes that fella has!

My favorite is the first image. As you wrote, lighting does change the appearance of one's subject...and in the first image, the light is much brighter and the colors more vivid. I LOVE the texture filter you applied, and it's PERFECT for your subject!


Linda said...

Really interesting texture in the first image, very appropriate for your subject.

Even though I know light changes drastically and makes a hug difference in the look of an image, it's always good to see an example of in order to be reminded to constantly consider the light when photographing anything outside.

Bridget said...

sooooo cool.
these are great and i love light expiraments because i believe it has more to do with the quality and mood of an image than anything else.
i love the 2nd image and the way the little guys bug eyes are so in focus.