Monday, July 19, 2010


Being in my teenage years, in the 1980s, I don't remember vehicles as shown here. I have often imagined cars, such as this one, traveling the highways years ago. I chose to use filters (obviously) to create different effects. Which do you prefer?


Linda said...

Even though I usually love sepia, I prefer the bw in this instance. The vignetting really adds to it. It looks like a dream.

trishalyn said...

These are both great! Where DO you find these cool old cars?!

Love the composition...subject slightly off center...and the road leads the viewer right into and thru the frame...PERFECT! (And how lucky that there weren't any other vehicles coming in the opposite direction!)

I agree with LInda's assessment that the vignetting creates a dream effect in the b/w photo, which is quite appealing.

But I keep going back to the sepia image. I like the higher contrast in that one, and the sepia tone gives it more of an old-fashioned least for me.

As I said in the beginning...these are BOTH great! :-)

Bridget said...

how do you do this ?!!!
great shots.
very artisitic.
love them both but the 1st is my favorite.
you caught the road just right.
please don't tell me you shot these in a moving car which you were driving!