Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Retro Film Processing

Taking images today and making the final result look like photos in the 1960s.  Pale, yellowish colors were typical of the processing then.
 These are motels found on rt.5S.  Below, a motel of mirrors??  hmmm..odd/creepy.  Above, "Free TV"  Whoopie!  Again, those these motels are operational it is obvious they were opened in the past, maybe 70s?
 Below, the image that inspired it all.  Hard to believe this scene was captured this past summer.


J.L.Velez said...

From all of us:
Awesome job. They really look retro! Bridget and Trish love the lady. Linda loves the old signs from the motels. And I love them all. I like the round corners filter! Wish you were here :)

Linda said...

We missed you tonight. So sorry about your car woes! Hope all is well very soon.

Love all your images. You did a great job. Hard to believe that those motel signs are still displayed--and you said the motels are still operational?

We decided that the girl in the last image really does look retro and you did a great job transforming the image.

Jess said...

Very cool! I love the motel one with the rounded corners, that effect makes it look vintage too. Lovely post!

trishalyn said...

You certainly nailed this assignment, Steve...I love them all! The first one...of a handsome man proudly holding up his fishing catch...struck home. I've seen many photos like that in my parents' photo collections (except they were all in b/w!). The motel signs are great, too! "FREE COLOR TV"...boy...that brings back memories...LOL! The last image...of the lady smoking...is probably my favorite one. You really did a terrific job of capturing that old-fashioned film processing look. Wonderful job on the whole series!
P.S. Missed you last night!!!