Sunday, September 16, 2012


I had a hard time with the 'ghost' assignment but then I watched the TV show "Ghost Hunters".  On that show, the hunters use a variety of techniques to capture ghosts.  Above, heat sensors can be used to detect ghosts.  Also, many ghost photos capture white streaks or orbs.  I was amazed at the activity in my house as you can see below.
 My den was full of ghost activity.  Near the fireplace I think I see a woman's face.  She or "it" was very interested in my activity.  According to the tv ghosts are pretty shy.
 I thought the breeze blew open the door so the image below spooked me!


trishalyn said...

Awesome...and spooky!!! Terrific job on this challenging Scavenger Hunt!!!!!!! :-)

Linda said...

Wow!!! I'm so impressed with both you and Trish. What great effort you put into this assignment. They're all great. I'm going to pick your brain tomorrow to see how you did these.

Anonymous said...

awesome-----but very creepy,maybe the old lady was one of them and opend the door?????!!!
love it