Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 Summer is my favorite season because I'm able and willing to get outside to see all that nature has to offer.  The deer was less than a stone throws away and didn't mind me pulling up along side of it.  It didn't mind the electric window going down or the 'gun-like' camera!  It was the most peaceful moment.  A car in the distance spooked the deer and it disappeared in the woods.  I was honored that she didn't mind making a connection with me.  Below is a photograph that I shot with my new, point and shoot camera.  That Sony camera continues to impress me.


trishalyn said...

One word: WOW!!!

Deer are such graceful creatures, but difficult to "shoot" at close range. This is a beautiful image and very well composed with the tree framing the image. I also love the well composed bird image. The back lighting is lovely, and the touch of red on the bird's head adds an interesting element to the image.

Very impressive! :-)

Bridget said...

2 very nice catches.
nice job little point and shoot!