Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Faceless Portrait

Passing by a back alley I found this woman acting very strangely.  Though her behavior was odd, the photo-op was undeniable.  I hope this vagrant is well, has found a home, and is healthy and happy.  I like to create stories when photographing.  I like to imagine the 'story' of the subject.  In this case, I will name the anonymous person Trisha. 


Linda said...

Oh, the poor thing. Hopefully she has found a home by now.

Very cute, and very nice image.

trishalyn said...

I was alone and vulnerable in a strange city. Suddenly, an unexplained fear washed over me. That's when I noticed HIM. He was acting very strangely! Even though he looked harmless, his behavior was rather odd, and these days a lady can't be too careful.

Spotting a back alley, I decided to make my getaway. Heart thumping, I quickly followed the dimly lit path, hoping to shake HIM from my trail.

Too late, I discovered the error of my ways. I was cornered, and HIM followed me. "CLICK"...OH NO..I WAS SHOT!!!...and captured in this image!!!


I saw a dark alley...you saw a photo op. Great eye, Steve...and a wonderful image! :-)

Bridget said...

she got you steve :)
how fortunate trish wore orange that day.
did you two plan this ?????