Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Currently, I am reading a non-fictional account of a woman trying to rescue her children from the Shakers.  This account takes place in the 1800s and "paints" a fascinating look at Shaker life.  The main character, Eunice, though cheated and manipulated by Shaker society, did not deny the beauty of their sprawling farms.  Here is a small part of the Shaker's beautiful, sprawling landscape.  The Great Divorce, by Ilyon Woo tells a very unique story about a very unique society.


Linda said...

That's one way to remember to tell me the name of the book. I'm going to check it out on my ebook.

And your broom image is beautiful.

Thanks again for the good fieldtrip idea today. It's always a good time with the two of you.

trishalyn said...

Great image of the Round Barn! I love the composition...the fence leads the viewer thru the image. I also love the bright colors, and the cool filter effect. Nice job!

Don't forget to put my name on the waiting list for that book! :-)

P.S. Very clever writing, too!