Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pull Up A Chair


trishalyn said...

I'm fascinated by the shadows cast on the floor by the chair. Nice job!

Linda said...

I came to your blog to respond to the comments you left me, and then I realized I hadn't commented on your image (which I intended to do, but got side-tracked).

I like this one too and I agree with Trish, I love the shadows on the floor. And I like the mystery of what's on the desk, that can't be seen because of the way you composed the image.

Did you mean "black flies"? We really didn't have a problem with them and there weren't even too many mosquitoes, suprisingly. The path was very dry, I think we only encountered one wet spot and it was easy to navigate around it. So all-in-all it was a very pleasant hike and the fire tower at the top was a great reward.