Sunday, May 9, 2010

Limited Clarity

I've been on a little pity ride
Knowing "ever after" and "once upon a time" are lies


Bridget said...

we all go there once in a while :)
the miserable weather doesn't help.
hope you are feeling better.
i do like the image.

Anonymous said...

The statement after the photo was written after the photo was posted. I was attempting to think about the man in the photo..does that make sense? Create a mood or discern a mood from the image. Anyway...I'm fine..was just experimenting.

Linda said...

Well, I really love the image. Nice selective focus, on the verge of being a silhouette, not showing the entire body or face. Really nice job.
Wondering how many shots you had to take to get this great one?

"Ever after" and "once upon a time" are soooo totally lies... I'll join you on that pity ride whenever you want company.

philmary said...

Writing on your blog about my blog ,Steve..Was thinking about you in Phila,,The angel is holding
War II dead who came from the Pennsylvania RR..he is very Rodin Museum the picture of the hand holding that object is "Woman in the Hand of the Devil" ; of course!!
The girl is my niece .It was funny how she set herself up like that without prompting .
Is Jenna like that ?
Went to see Girl With The Dragon Tattoo..started interesting but violence was horrifying ,had to walk out. Have you ever done that?

Anonymous said...

I believe it is what you make it! Can be lies if you make it lies or you can just keep working to make it happen. Open yourself up to more possiblilites, yes that may mean more hurt, more confusion, but it is all how you approach it. said...

Great shot!!! congratulations!!!


Trisha said...

Incredible image!!! :-)

I also love the "Everyone is a photographer"...a photo of someone taking a photo!