Sunday, February 24, 2013

Junk Drawer Sculpture

After opening my kitchen, junk drawer I immediately saw all the circular objects within.  The small flashlight, also circular, was the gem!  No flash, kitchen light and flashlight on, the image was made.  No manipulation whatsoever other than cropping.  I count nine circles and some triangles too!


Linda said...

Very awesome. A nice touch with the flashlight! I'm just getting ready to get started on mine, and believe me, it won't look anywhere near as good as yours and Trish's. (not that I've waited until the last minute or anything....)

trishalyn said...

Now THAT'S a sculpture...I love it!!! What are those circular things? I love the black really makes the sculpture stand out. Speaking of standing did an outstanding job!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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