Sunday, December 16, 2012

Assignment- 'Where I do most of my thinking'

I do most of my thinking and work in the den.  Tonight I had a fire going as I corrected papers and so I took time out to capture these images.  The one above is obviously 'lighter' and vertical whereas the one below (my favorite) is darker and horizontal.  Photographing a bright fire in a small, dark room proved challenging, however, unlike last week, I did the assignment!


Linda said...

Nice images. I like the horizontal better. You get to see more of the environment. In addition to the nice warm glow from the fire, I like the twinkly lights around the fireplace. It's a very evocative scene. Almost makes winter seem like a desirable season. Operative word "almost".

trishalyn said...

The horizontal is my favorite, the twinkling lights and the warm glow from the fireplace. You have a beautiful, cozy home! :-) Great job with the assignment, too!