Sunday, August 26, 2012

Assignment: TALL/short

I changed the above to blk/wht and added noise. Below I did nothing.  That grass is sooo green like the grass you see in early summer.  Bailey doesn't fit the assignment but is just too cute to leave out! 


trishalyn said...
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trishalyn said...

Love the ladders...and the conversion to b/w! Nice placement of the paint cans and rags. They really complete the image. Great job on the assignment!

Bailey is SO adorable...what a cutie pie! :-) Love his toy and the solid green background. If he was my dog, I'd want an enlarged copy hanging on my wall! :-) Terrific doggie portrait!

Linda said...

Oh, really like the ladders. I agree with everything Trish said. Would have been fun to have Mutt and Jeff in the image with the ladders.

I think the dog fits the assignment. Short Big Bird with tall Bailey. He is a really adorable dog. And it is a wonderful doggie portrait.

Anonymous said...

love the ladders----sooooooooooooo much better then legs!!great job!!Thank you!!!