Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a Quote!

Sometimes Facebook has value to me!  I saw this posting and "stole" the image.  So what makes one happy?  I read or heard (who can remember with all the tv shows, books, radio and friends) an explanation that has really stuck with me.  All that people want in life is to be heard and valued.  From that, happiness is achieved.  To me, that is a powerful lesson to learn. The older I get the more that lesson rings true for me and those around me.  When you have people around you that do not listen or value you, they must be let go.  One can't be happy with toxic people influencing one's life.


Bridget said...


trishalyn said...

GREAT quote...GREAT image...GREAT posting!!!

I DO listen to you...I DO value you! Please don't let me go! :-)

Anonymous said...

Best quote i have heard in a long time!!