Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ordinary People?? I think not!

My assignment this week is to photograph people living their lives as they simply do. Here a teacher works with a student which he does every day. As a teacher I understand the impact one makes in these 'ordinary' moments. It is easier to spot a teachable moment when I come across a colleague at his/her best. Though these moments are sometimes lost on myself because it is my daily job, and I take it for granted, when I witness another teacher helping a student I am reminded how important the profession is. I pay respect, today, to all the 'ordinary' people (policemen, firemen, soldiers, doctors and nurses, etc) who do their jobs gracefully and humbly, irregardless of money paid or status.


trishalyn said...

Great photo, Steve...though I have a hard time accepting teachers as "ordinary." To me, they are "extraordinary" individuals who touch the lives of our children every single day.

You deserve an "A" for this assignment...and an added bonus that you've captured a terrific image for your yearbook!!! :-)

Bagman and Butler said...

I give you an "A" for the assignment as well. I'm not sure there are any ordinary people.

Linda said...

Love this post. This is a great candid and your writing really enhances it.

philmary said...

That what I like about it ...The people are so unconscious of the photographer..I especially like both peoples hands being completely visible

Nice job